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This is the basics on web design, careers, and introduction to web development using html, css, javascript, bootstrap and more.

In the realm of the Internet, students will learn how to effectively use tools such as Google Docs and implement ethical and safe use of the internet, including copyright policies. Each student will be expected to demonstrate mastery of the outcomes listed in each of the content areas listed above. Assessment will be in the form of project based outcomes and unit quizes. This course will be offered for this course for grades 10 - 12.


This course is an advanced computer class for students that are confident in their computer abilities. It covers more indepth topics about computers in areas of hardware, software, and digital animation.

The students will learn the basics to animation using the tools and keyframing in Adobe Flash CS6. Students will be exposed to web design, and create and style web pages with multimedia through HTML 5.0 and CSS. The students will touch on the basics of programming by through basics of Action Script in Adobe Flash CS6.

The students will be required to complete a final project in this class to demonstrate their mastery of these concepts.


This course is digital photography class for students who would like to learn more indepth concepts to digital photography cameras, composition, shooting techniques and lighting.

Students will be exposed to Adobe Photoshop CS6 processing, manipulating and presenting their work.

For a final assessent the students will be required to complete a digital portfolio of their work to demonstrate their mastery of the course concepts.


This course prepares students to develop small device applications, computer programs, or game designs.

Using proven techniques based on essential concepts and best practices of programming, students will learn how to create real-world projects from start to finish.

This is a good introduction course for students interested in engineering or computer science at a post-secondary level. Students will be required to develop their own program as a final for this course.

Comp. Prog.
Game Design